The Power of Logic

In my previous post I wrote about the two insights that lead to the development of Cedalion, and the first of them was realizing the true power of logic programming.  In this post I would like to explain this.

I am assuming most reader have heard about logic programming, and maybe some of the readers even studied Prolog at one point in their life, but I cannot assume readers remember much of it.  So I’ll try to take it slow…Read More »


My Research Story

It’s been three months since my last post.  During these three months I was busy  mainly with writing a paper for submission to a conference, and I find it hard to invest in “side write-ups” while being totally invested in authoring a paper.

For a week or so I thought about how I should continue the tale this blog was intended to tell, the line of thought behind my research, along with some technical information, tutorials maybe, to help readers interested in trying things themselves.  Looking for a story, I looked back at the early days of my research, and then I realized this is a story worth telling.  So in this blog post I will tell the story of the first half of my research so far (my MSc thesis) — how I started, and mainly why.  Why I went to research, and why this particular research topic.Read More »